Service and Repair

Cascadia Appliance repairs washers, dryers, ranges, stove-tops and refrigerators – no matter where you bought them.

For repairs, call 503-342-6415

Our diagnostic is $79.00, which is applied to the cost of repairing the machine or for a replacement unit purchased at our store.
Once we diagnose your machine, we determine whether your particular parts are available locally or from out of town.

If they need to be shipped in, allow for 3-5 business days for the part to arrive before we add your completed repair to our roster.

It’s important to note that our diagnosis often starts with the components that prevent the machine from functioning at all.  On rare occasions, additional parts involved with electrical problems may be discovered as malfunctioning only after the primary fault was remedied.

Regardless, we are always mindful of keeping repairs well under the replacement cost of your machine.

If you have something that is making a strange sound, leaking a bit of water, or leaving you high and dry, be sure to call for Don and we’ll keep your machine functioning properly.